Muyi Consulting Group – Uganda Partners with Gatefield – Nigeria

Muyi Consulting Group Uganda has announced its strategic partnership with Gatefield, a management consultancy firm based in Nigeria. This comes at a time when the world turns towards collaboration instead of competition. The two companies have been building synergies in their home countries but with this new partnership, they will launch out to offer management services across the continent. As the world gets global and … Continue reading Muyi Consulting Group – Uganda Partners with Gatefield – Nigeria

Suggestions of Topics to Be Discussed On The #40DaysMentor

In the 42 days of lockdown, Robert Kabushenga  is taking off time to run a daily mentorship program called #40DaysMentor hosted on his Twitter spaces and Youtube. Here are suggestions by Tweeps of topics that could be discussed in the coming weeks. PARENTING Scott Mwine: Parenting. How best can a couple impart values and create a stronger bond with children? Liliane A. Biira: Work- Life- Balance. How to handle … Continue reading Suggestions of Topics to Be Discussed On The #40DaysMentor

Payment Platforms in Uganda

According to the data report, by January 2021 Uganda had 12.2 million internet users. With a penetration of over 70% penetration of the mobile phone, there are a lot of changes coming out of the phone and internet penetration. In addition, cash transactions are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Events like COVID-19 lockdowns have given a rise to the way payments are done. … Continue reading Payment Platforms in Uganda

Games Designed by Ugandans

A Ugandan child has always grown up exposed to a number of indoor and outdoor games. With the advancement of technology, games too have been affected. As people spend more time with their gadgets, there is a growing need to create products that will find them there. Designers are doing their best to recreate and create games for these users targeting both the old market … Continue reading Games Designed by Ugandans


Often times poets write of things that affect the community they live in. They are observers who take note of the many things that the ordinary eye may misses out. They are society’s self-appointed mouth piece without whom some things might never come to light. Ronald Ssekajja takes a U-turn in this collection. He takes an outside-in point  of view into the jungle that is … Continue reading ECHOES OF TIRED MEN