Payment Platforms in Uganda

According to the data report, by January 2021 Uganda had 12.2 million internet users. With a penetration of over 70% penetration of the mobile phone, there are a lot of changes coming out of the phone and internet penetration.

In addition, cash transactions are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Events like COVID-19 lockdowns have given a rise to the way payments are done. Cash has become another transmitter of diseases and many people are avoiding it. Payment platforms have existed before but not fully utilized. Now is the time to maximize on the use of online payment platforms. I have put together a list that I will add to as I get to know more.  

Sula Pay: helps with collecting payments on the seller’s behalf through various payment avenues like mobile money 2and deposits it to the bank. Learn more about it here.

Swipe Pay: creates payment platforms that ease the payment process through mobile money platforms. When it is done, it gives you the analytics of your performance. Check it out here.

Eversend: it is commonly known as the noebank for Africans anywhere in the world. It is very common for intra Africa money transfer. It is a multi-currency e-wallet that allows one to exchange, spend and send. Learn about Eversend here.

Patasente:  beyond the making it easy for you to make and receive payments via there e-wallet, Patasente also offers e-credit through which it makes extended cash advance to pay for purchases. In addition, it makes e-purchases we here you can send orders and receive invoices from them fulfilled by your suppliers. Learn more about them here.

Chachap: offers digital payments solution that can centralise all mobile money transactions on a single platform form for micro, small and medium enterprises. Check them out here.

Dusu Pay: incorporated in the UK and headquartered in Uganda, this platform mainly targets companies that want to expand in Africa. Their transaction platforms include visa, master card and mobile money. Check them out here.

Pesapal:  this platform aims at creating a simple and secure money transfer for individuals and businesses. From money transfer t payment of bills, online shopping. Check them out here

Beyonic: makes last mile digital payments in markets easy. In a country where cash payment is the norm; however risky, Beyonic came out to create a transparent cashless mobile payment system for project and enterprise budgets on 22 mobile money networks. Check them out here.

Easy Pay: with easy pay, you get to make payments within chat, you connect, transfer money and pay bills within the app. It is one of the easiest ways to track bills. Check them out here.

School pay: a platform that enables payment of school related charges between a student, parent and school possible in a very transparent way. Payments are made on phone through mobile money platforms to banks. The system has prompt receipts for all transactions made. Check it out here

Xente Uganda: the word itself means money. Xente helps you collect all your payments both local and global payments. On top of that payments, the platform has introduced a cashless system that enables users to trade without having to care of cash. Check it out here.

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  1. I think Skrill, Western Union, and Chipper Cash need a mention. Thanks for the list, I will get through them and see their usability.

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