RoseMary Ndyemanya

RoseMary Marion Ndyemanya making stylish mosquito repellents

Marion Ndyemanya is a 3rd year student at Uganda Christian University, Mukono pursuing a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance. She is a 2020 #StanbicUGChampions Alumgrow winner.

Last year, her company Anya Wrists won UGX 5 million as the winner of the Alumgrow category in the National Schools Championship, a business innovation program by Stanbic Bank Uganda for secondary schools. The mosquito repellent is an environmentally friendly solution towards the fight of malaria caused by mosquitoes. According to the Severe Malaria Observatory, Uganda had the highest global burden of malaria cases and deaths at 5.4% and 3.5% respectively in 2020.

During the course of her study at university, Marion has been researching and designing prototypes of mosquito repellents using jewellery.

Mosquito Repellent Jewellery by Anya Wrists

“We can look good with the jewellery while at the same time fighting malaria.” A confident Marion tells me.

As she draws to a finish of her undergrad, Marion plans on going big on the market beyond the boundaries of the university where she has been working before. She is currently working on establishing a physical location at Fairway Hotel where all her products will be based.

In addition, she is turning more to online platforms to widen her market reach. So far, she is using social media platforms to advertise the products. She is in the last stages of setting up a YouTube channel where she will be teaching on making jewellery.

With the new prototype, Anya Wrists is making jewellery using recycled material especially paper. The major products they are looking at are bracelets, earrings and anklets.

Marion is a star to watch in the innovation space.  

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