Games Designed by Ugandans

A Ugandan child has always grown up exposed to a number of indoor and outdoor games. With the advancement of technology, games too have been affected. As people spend more time with their gadgets, there is a growing need to create products that will find them there. Designers are doing their best to recreate and create games for these users targeting both the old market that did not know of the games and the new one. The designers of these games have launched out through three main avenues: card games, apps and quizzes.


So Many Stories is a Uganda founded and based company that deals in all things stories from gathering them to publishing. On top of the stories, they have now widened their scope to include games. Their first game is called OTYO, a word guessing game based on one’s awareness of current trends. Otyo is available both via the app on both Android and ios platforms and cards. Check it out here

ZanyaUG is another card game designer and creator with eight seven different card games. They are:

  • Anagram & Kollectively (both of them are about Uganda)
  • Classified (an X-rated card game)
  • Leeta Letta (words formed from a collection of letters)
  • Dare
  • Password
  • Catch Phrase (based on the English Figures of Speech).

These games are designed/created by a team of three super ladies: Racheal Kukundakwe, Joan Atukei and Kelly Athieno.


Boundless Minds Uganda designed their first card game called Kavuyo. Kavuyo is a family/group card game of unscrambling Ugandan; personalities, foods and places. You can make your order through 0782433333.


Mulodi is a brainchild of Mizano Limited. The game is about establishing oneself at the top. You build, hustle and rent your way to the top. It is tailor made for the Ugandan aspiring for the Ugandan dream (whatever that is to you).

You can make your orders through 078138650.



It can be played both via the app and in form of cards. It is available for both Android and ios users. You can get it here


Perhaps, this is the oldest of them all that has been designed by Ugandans. The game has been around since 2012. It is manned by the guys at Kola Studios.

By 2016, the game had more than 200,000 downloads with more than 90,000 active users.

You can download the game here.



The team at ZanyaUg designed this quiz. For now it is accessible through whatsapp with an App underway. You can participate through this contact 0784810620.

The Citizen Report

This quiz focuses on the data, civics and the history of Uganda. I takes place every Friday. You can always join take part by clicking on the link via their social media platforms. Just click here.

Zzimba Games

The team at AIDUK Group are the brains behind the Zzimba Games. They have designed a number of jigsaws, puzzles, board games, outdoor games and simulations.

You can acquaint yourself with all these games here.

While here, check out the list of podcasts made by Ugandans

 Do you know of another game developed/designed by a Ugandan(s)? Feel free to share details in the comment section.

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7 thoughts on “Games Designed by Ugandans

  1. Hi. How do I buy these games. The phones availed are not going through. Others are incomplete. I am interested in Mulodi, Zzimba and Otyo.

    1. Thank you Judith for bringing this to my attention.
      For Mulodi, call 0785138650
      Zzimba call 0782048868/ 0756618945
      Otyo call 0705711442

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