Solome Basuuta on Pursuing your Passion

In the 42 days of lockdown, Robert Kabushenga (RK) is taking off time to run a daily mentorship program called #40DayMentor hosted on his Twitter spaces. In this episode he hosts Solome Basuuta  (SB) to talk on Pursuing your Passion. RK: Talk to us. People almost ate me to pieces when I said I was your brother. They said I was “tying myself on people”. That the resemblance is not … Continue reading Solome Basuuta on Pursuing your Passion

What Are You Doing With The Literacy You Have?

To err is human. That is one thing we cannot take away from ourselves. We set rules for ourselves and break them at a breakneck speed. It is human. It is natural. Trouble begins when we live in denial. The denial that can alter the way of living. That in our living close to righteousness, we are prone to err. Take for example the way … Continue reading What Are You Doing With The Literacy You Have?


Since the coming of the colonialists, local languages have been disadvantaged. Local languages were made insignificant and inferior as it was prestigious to learn the colonialist’s language. This was the case in almost all countries that were colonised. Those that did not go to school looked inferior to those that did. This kind of situation began in the pre-colonial era and was upheld in the … Continue reading THE PLACE OF RESEARCH IN LITERACY

How literate are we with our languages?

Sometimes we get used to doing the wrong things and somehow it becomes like the right way of getting things done. Twenty two years ago, the government introduced the Universal Primary Education (UPE), a big project whose objective was to have every child accorded an opportunity of attaining primary school education. Ten years later in 2007, the same government rolled out the Universal Secondary Education … Continue reading How literate are we with our languages?

The limbo of hashtags

Beloved, Here rests yet another Whose life briefly trended The short impact reached and touched many at heart Raised a number of issues And as well helped bring to life quietened accounts We are gathered here because of the late Who brought us together to talk about this topic Through whom our hearts revealed how affected we are by silence Our sheltered vast wisdom came … Continue reading The limbo of hashtags

Let’s Talk Tax

There is a thin line (if any) between a political related discussion and that on taxation. It goes without mention that the two have a parasitic relationship, however distant one may choose to look at it. Wherever there is political discussion, you should be surprised if the conversation goes without opinionated facts defensively presented in raised voices wielded in concrete emphatic tones. Faces twitch with … Continue reading Let’s Talk Tax