Muyi Consulting Group – Uganda Partners with Gatefield – Nigeria

Muyi Consulting Group Uganda has announced its strategic partnership with Gatefield, a management consultancy firm based in Nigeria. This comes at a time when the world turns towards collaboration instead of competition.

The two companies have been building synergies in their home countries but with this new partnership, they will launch out to offer management services across the continent.

As the world gets global and linear, there has never been a need for agility to do business faster and more efficiently like today.

There is an urgent need to cut out on unnecessary bureaucracies and time wasting for the sake of fostering business growth. Clients are looking out for options on how to grow with ease yet efficiently and effectively.

The world is more connected today than it has ever been before. This should be to the advantage of fostering faster and impactful business growth.

Unlike before when growth was mainly seen in big establishments, today it is more in numbers and impact.

One way to achieve this is to turn to trusted firms with professional management teams that can deliver on these heavy tasks in a timely manner.

Muyi Consulting Group was established against a similar background; to offer timely but resourceful support to clients in need of professional management consultation. In a market where there is not much emphasis on professionalism, it comes with a lot of grit to row the boat in this direction.

In the past years Muyi has cut its teeth in the arena of management consultancy as the go-to firm. Their competent demonstration has earmarked them as the flag bearer in providing services in the fields of communication, philanthropy, policy, social impact and technology.

By leveraging on their competence to advise, communicate and manage the affairs of their clients, they have distinguished themselves as a reputable management consultancy firm based in Uganda and spreading its wings across the African continent.

In a world where many are comfortable playing in one arena, Muyi has gone the extra mile to link businesses to their target audiences through doing research, following trends and policy development.

Every business seeks to have a fair representation before the market and this is achieved through building a reputable brand. For a brand to be appreciated, its impact must be felt by the clients.

Impact is the engine on which industries like philanthropy run. Without it, you can as well close shop and go back home. Clients always feel at home when they feel catered to. As businesses grow, it is imperative that they build a reputable impact that will make them appeal to their clients.

For all this to be achieved, you have to go to where your clients are. Today, clients spend more time on their gadgets. The tech industry is both an enabler and disruptor. You have to be at the top of your game to give clients the best services in the ever evolving industry.  

As Muyi Consulting Group seeks to build world class resilience in Africa by offering expert solutions and insights, it is only important that it spreads its roots deeper and its wings wider.

Trends are quickly changing hence impacting the way work is being done. To be able to execute and achieve such an ambitious promise, one cannot do away with collaboration. The future is in collaboration not competition.

Muyi has partnered with Gatefield, a public strategy and media group based in Nigeria to breathe life into this ambitious promise.

Gatefield has built a solid muscle as a public affairs expert and strategic communications. The firm boasts of accomplishments in various industries such as government and politics, non- profit and philanthropies, healthcare and development, leadership, defense and security, sports and technology.

The firm has taken it upon itself in the past to drive the social dialogue by creating content on politics and security which they run on their Gatefield TV.

Initiatives like these shape narratives and empower societies with knowledge that is often deliberately avoided in public discourse. If impact is to be realised, there has to be deliberate effort creating it. That is what Gatefield is known for; being intentional.

By coming together, the two ambitious firms are working towards establishing a mark of excellence in management consultancy as they navigate the African market that is ripe with opportunities.

This is the promise of a better future and it has just started. 

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