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I have a podcast.

Podcasts have lived with us for some time now. Every day we find new ways of putting the word out there. Beyond writing, I have come out to test the waters.

Mine is the Future of Work Podcast that seeks to have conversations on opportunities and changing trends in the work space.

In this podcast, I go out to have conversations with several industry players. The future of work is something that many are talking about. We are so concerned about the changing patterns of doing work. We had the covid pandemic which introduced the Work From Home work style and that has brought a number of changes as well.

We have 450,000 young graduates out of universities and other tertiary institutions yet 150,000 of those are absorbed in the workspace. What is the fate of the 300,000?

Their hope lies in preparing themselves for the future of work. It lies in exploring the different ways in which they can apply themselves. The needs and demands of the job are changing and yet we cannot peg all our hope in starting out new jobs. Uganda is known to be an entrepreneurial country. New businesses are born because people need to make a living. But also many of them die before they turn five.

But also we need to question what type of businesses are they that are founded? There should be more than just having the need to have a business. We need to have conversations on the type of business as well.

For the people staying in the work environment there is a need to be supported in pursuing that career path.

These are the kinds of conversations I would have on this podcast and it is my wish that together with my guests we can touch lives and shape the narrative. And that we can be able to help people become the better versions of themselves in the fields they have chosen to pursue. 

Here Is a Summary of Season 1

Episode 1: Introduction

In this episode, I establish the objective of this podcast. I breakdown what it is all about and what there is to expect. Listen Here.

Episode 2: Peter Kisadha talks to me about availing yourself for opportunities

Peter shares his views on what work is and what it means to put in the time. He shares his mind on what to look forward to in the pursuit of the future of work. Listen Here.

Episode 3: Nicholas Katushabe talks to me about investing in self

Nicholas is your go to guy on how to get things done in Kampala. He has invested time in learning what to do when. In this episode he shares with me the guidelines to observe as you build up for work. Listen Here.

Episode 4: Andrew Senyonjo

It has taken Andrew about five years building the idea of jobpreneurship. He believes not everyone should leave their day job to become an entrepreneur, rather you can act on your growth within your job.

Episode 5: Shamim K Matovu tells me about the Work Culture

As someone who deals directly with workplace culture, in this episode, Shamim shares with me her experience in understating and growing a healthy environment that is result driven at the workplace. Listen Here

Episode 6: Haji Twaha Lukwanzi speaks to me on changing work

Haji Twaha Lukwanzi is a senior citizen of this country. He is a former diplomat, banker, hotelier and a linguist. In our conversation, he tells me of the different hard decisions he has had to make given the choices in life. Listen Here

Episode 7: Dr Jane Frances Nakato

An educationist. In this conversation, Dr Nakato and I talk about the changing trends in education. There are a number of things which impact our approach to work which are as a result of our education.

Episode 8: Paul Busharizi shares with me on how the media influences the future of work

In this episode, Paul breaks down what it means to work in the media space. There are new opportunities that need to be taken advantage of in the media space that not many people are looking at. He breaks it down for me. Listen Here.

Episode 9: Benjamin Rukwengye talks to me on Mentorship

Through his organisation, boundless, Benjamin is working with young adults who are encountering the world of work for the very first time. He has taken time to design programmes that benefit the young people in the world of work. Listen Here.

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