We Are All Birds of Uganda

Ever since the introduction of the East African passport, many Ugandans have taken to acquiring them. It also comes at a time when more Ugandans are continuously seeking employment opportunities abroad. Whereas it is easy for some to secure their passports, to some —especially first time passport applicants— going beyond the interview stage has proved to be more tasking than they ever imagined. A number … Continue reading We Are All Birds of Uganda

Jirani & Other short stories

Society has always been evolving to become better. For this to happen there are certain uncomfortable conversations that have to be held. It takes the most courageous to lead on these conversations. And that is what the stories in Jirani & Other Short Stories are all about. These stories are here to challenge our thought structure. These stories live among us. We are these stories. … Continue reading Jirani & Other short stories

Fr. Kilama Stephen Raphael on Escape by grace

Sometimes the words we read in books paint pictures of far away places that the mind struggles to accommodate. But there is a story you read and you just see yourself in it. Reading Escape by Grace is such a story. Raphael’s story is so close home for you to put it down. From the onset, I had the picture of William Golding’s Lord of … Continue reading Fr. Kilama Stephen Raphael on Escape by grace

John Muto-Ono on War in Northern Uganda

For over twenty years, there was war in northern Uganda. What began as a rebellion in 1989, it had become war by 1997. The Lord Resistance Army (LRA) ravaged the whole of northern Uganda where many people lost their lives and property. The war put to a test UPDF’s strength to quell a war. Northern Uganda is a big component of Uganda covering over 20 … Continue reading John Muto-Ono on War in Northern Uganda

Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi on The First Woman

Reading the novel and going about discovering the adventure life and escapades of Kirabo Nnamiiro is a thing to die for in THE FIRST WOMAN. Kirabo is a beloved grandchild of Miiro and Muka Miiro.  A daughter to Tom and Nnakku a woman she comes to learn hates her at heart. The story is told from the developing village of Natteta which is growing through … Continue reading Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi on The First Woman

Didas Nkurunziza: STAGE 4

It is everyone’s dream to live in perfect health. This is most often linked to being in a better financial position to afford you a deserving lifestyle. With a financial cushion, it is assumed that anything and everything can be met with some bucks. There are certainties one prepares for and some that one has no idea that they will ever befall them. For Didas … Continue reading Didas Nkurunziza: STAGE 4