Suggestions of Topics to Be Discussed On The #40DaysMentor

In the 42 days of lockdown, Robert Kabushenga  is taking off time to run a daily mentorship program called #40DaysMentor hosted on his Twitter spaces and Youtube. Here are suggestions by Tweeps of topics that could be discussed in the coming weeks.


Scott Mwine: Parenting. How best can a couple impart values and create a stronger bond with children?

Liliane A. Biira: Work- Life- Balance. How to handle striving spheres of our life.

Ahabwe: How to shape today’s children for tomorrow’s future

Bwiza Sunshine: Talk about self-love; appreciating that I am living this life for me not family, friends or the government

E Kabanda: Male engagement in parenting


Stella Jones: What does one need to know before joining the farming industry in Uganda?

Tyole Isaac: How do you raise financial capital to invest in agriculture? What agricultural insurance cover is available for farmers?


Uwera Doreen: Could you talk about innovation in the creative arts


Jamillah Nakigudde: How do you write an impressive CV?

Ruth Bwana: Living a healthy lifestyle, how do you attain one?

Erimia Milton: How do you pursue a career other than simply work to keep a job?

Brenda Komugisha: How can we stay relevant at our workplaces during emergency situations like the pandemic?

David Kagoro: When does one consider transitioning from formal employment to self-employment?

Phillip Mwebaza: How to be a good leader and be as diligent and persistent isn’t what you do?

Rebekah Rebbah: How do you deal with sudden job loss and how do you get back on your feet?


Nkugwa Julius: How do you manage such a strong presence online, yet productive at work?

Drinah: How do you penetrate into media?


Solomon Kisakye Mukuye: How do you recover from debt?

Duggan: How to manage finances well. How do you tell the business is not the kind for you to take on?

Dearna Letasi: The art of building multiple income streams. How to prepare for the loading opportunities in oil and gas

Susan Okiror: Financial literacy and work life balance

Archean Safaris Ltd: How to manage and market a travel agency company


R Mutebi: What are the investment opportunities during lockdown?

Sents ROY: What are the investments opportunities after lockdown?

Ibrahim Ogaram: How to invest in agriculture, treasury bonds and unit trust funds?

Reuben Gasansule:  Building wealth. Developing emotional intelligence. Moving from management to leadership. The art of getting people to say yes. How to Ugandanise innovation and investment?

Isaac Mutenyo: Explore on sustaining SACCOs

Gratian Nareebah: How to run a successful investment club inclusively and sustainability

Ainomugisha Lonard: Talk about partnerships in innovation and investment. How do you identify a good one?

Collins Bills5: Why do most SACCOS/Associations fail most times?

Owen Singura: Could TMS Ruge share on growing start-ups in Africa. Also how he has managed a moringa farm where many Ugandans failed


01 Jincis:  How to deal with midlife crisis? How to discover your purpose? How to start small in business?

Nkusi Alex Shyaka:  Leadership. How do you lead a successful team in a company and how does it differ from leading your own company.

Trevor Amanya: Entrepreneurship. The art of focus. Growing meagre resources into a fully fledges enterprise

A Roland: Branding. How to grow and keep a brand at the top

Barbra Mugeni Rek: Could you have an audit from the big 4 share the journey and what it took to get there. What skills do we need to develop to thrive in this field junior auditors?

Other Suggestions

Could speakers share books that have changed them?

Could we have Daniel Kalinaki and Dr. Munini

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