Sleep of the Nation Address

The state of our Nation is appalling
The sleep of of our nation is alarming
as the endeavors of speech making get assailing
The hey of the desert rolls with the rustic eruptions at the struck of a march
The sleep of the nation burns like there is no need for life any more
When the word begins and the point sinks, the head swings.
When the emphasis is made and caution raised, the the cushion drops.
At the notice of the achievement, and these is need for acknowledgement,
The lousy applause raises the falling Lords
The sleep of our nation is not as attractive
It is just that the venue for the occasion is to blame
When the tired Retired retires not in a tired chair,
there is cause for amazement.
When the water bottles have made zealous efforts to redeem the work in progress
And the gum has been chewed to becoming plastic,
Blame it on them not the consumer.
Sessions held at the peak season of the day are for the head to absorb not the Stomach.
As the competition between Fresh air and the air conditioner tenses up,
Blame the suits that fail at weather forecast.
If only I could say its the speaker
If only I could say its the endless speech
If only i could daringly say it is the repeated re-currying rhymes
I f only I could blame the routine of the events.
That I can’t
I will sit to watch the state of our Nation
As we progress in the sleep of the nation undress.

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