We are taught to work hard so we can go to heaven. We must watch our ways, be hurtles and harmless. We are taught of integrity sijui character and all those things; so we can be morally upright. Grooming begins from home and we are beaten for stealing those sugar crystals and though school and church. All stories rotate just about the same line; do and don’t.

At our work places, it even becomes clearer when we are taught (and forced to cram) company values so we can work within the limits but what do we do?

This morning my boss moved out, later my immediate supervisor followed (I don’t whether she left because he had left but all the same- left) at large I had all the liberty to do whatever I wanted. Picked my flash disk walked to the printer printed my stuff.

Company policy puts it clear; not to download material not connected to the company. This I didn’t but to explain that the downloaded material on my disk was not from company internet is harder than mashing a stone so I live it at that.

Secondly, printing material not required for the company is more offensive and criminal than treason. I broke it.

The question of consciousness and integrity is hard to explain when you are a person like me. In the absence of all and a solo presence of only self, I feel there is more noise than Kampala on riot. This is what I feel. This is the normal life we or I live; knowing the right but doing exactly the opposite. Then you wonder why did I do it?

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