I won’t stop politicking, if I am

There is no evil in speech

No word has ever broken a bone

Much as all hearts have melted to it.

Every time we don’t speak, someone cries

Every time we cry, someone heals.


We are the nation that lives the politics

We are the nation stubbed by the leadership

The dead never know they’re dead

And neither do the ignorant

I don’t want to believe we’re either.


The poor shall always take orders

The poor shall always be led

They shall always be laid

And they believe they shall always be delivered.


The media kills the imagination

And the imagination dies from the concentration on the pleasures of the desired bearable.

Those who give shadows of tokens to re-send them to power

In the end we’re rewarded for not thinking

And we loudly clap our hands.

The rich hide from the poor sources of their wealth

The poor crawl to the heights of the rich

Only to land legs last.

We’re the responsible men who raise funds to marry our wives.



Our nation shall not be changed by words sweet to the tongue

Our nation shall heal from the deliberate effort of hard work and hard labour

This is not the time for arrivalism

Nor the time of rural urban excitement

This is the time for self construction.

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