Treat Yourself To A Retreat

Over the weekend, I joined the Lantern Meet of Poets for a  retreat at the Fathers House in Migadde to review the operations of the organization. While there, I saw how important it is to give yourself a moment to stop,reflect and plan.
As human beings, we drown ourselves in the work to which we get enslaved as we try to find answers to management and operation issues. We live our work more than life.
However not every one gets such a chance but if one does, then I think it should be welcome and very much embraced.
Employers should consider taking off their employees to such places to review and get grounded in understanding and improving their company policies.
From my experience, I found the retreat a comfortable place to vent, rant and rage about things that the members might be shouldering about the company yet a very spacious place too for the members to learn and identify deeper with their organization.

Latifah and I and the retreat

Photo by Bagenda Remy
It is wrong to assume that every thing is moving on well with everyone. You will be surprised by how many team members don’t know the organization history or that would not wish to identify with it.
As an organization, your team should find a binding reason to identify with the organization beyond the pay cheque. These details can easily be missed if you don’t create such a bond.
As entrepreneurs and self established employers, it is an engaging moment to meet with the people whom you entrust your work with to not only engage in work but also play. Work without play makes John a dull boy. Besides, as a team you need to have a bonding time as individuals than work colleagues.
It is only at such times that you get to engage with your seniors in shorts without minding the hustle and bustle of pretentious comfort in suits and neckties.
Don’t give up on renewing your strength. It comes with rewards. If I were to do yet another thing to improve on teamwork, it would definitely be a retreat.

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