An IDD of thoughts

Patience can be such a painful thing to endure more so at a time when everything seems to be awaiting your response.
A time comes when reading motivational|inspirational material no longer makes sense.
And that time comes with a lot of reflection, thought and conclusions. It comes with a myriad of questions that have no answers. Have you ever stood in a field that fire has burnt down. It all looks plain without hope of ever growing green until the rains touch down.
I have been there. I am there. Soon I won’t be

It may take me time, but I won't be here

It may take me a while but surely, it will rain. The grass shall grow and like flowers, I will blossom. Answers shall I have to all these questions.
I look forward to my turn. It’s coming soon. Let me keep pressing on and working harder.
Till then, I remain me.

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