Transformed at the Transformers Conference 2015

I did not know what to exactly expect when I was booking an attendance slot for the Transformers Conference 2015.
I first heard of the Transformers Conference in 2014 after the inaugural one was held. Paul Kisakye who had attended shared a word about it.
It was then that I also learnt of the Worship Harvest Ministries with church branches at Naalya and KatiKati but that was all I knew. I later learnt that a one Moses Mukisa had a role to do with the church leadership. I became friends (on Facebook) with Beatrice Byemanzi whom I just associated with the church.
So it was with such vagueness of ideas that I made it to Naalya. Persis Babirye had been kind to guide me on my expectations.
The idea of the Transformers Conference was birthed with the essence of creating a conversation point of Christians at the work space in line with what they believe in.
Moses Mukisa, the Team Lead at Worship Harvest along with his colleagues thought it important to have such conversations. The first Transformers Conference was held in 2014.
This year the same conference was held at the Naalya branch hosting 340 conveners.
The conveners were mainly identified with the churches they attended rather than their work place. And this was the reason for sitting on round tables; to initiate conversations.
Moses Mukisa, Worship Harvest, Sekaran Vekeran, CEO Malaysian Furnishing, Pr Peter Kasirivu, Ggaba Community Church were the day’s main speakers.

“Money is just a piece of paper. The real meaning is what the holder makes of it,” Sekeran, CEO Malaysian Furnishing.

The focus of the conference was achieved in the break out sessions on branding, family leadership and Christianity where a one on one dialogue was held.
At the end of the conference, Annette Kirabira of RAHAB Uganda walked away with the #ACTS award which was conducted through social media.
Conveners took home a copy of Moses Mukisa’s Called To Greatness and a number of Christian literature.
To charge UGX 30,000 for the conference was a mere booking fee for the five star conference that Worship Harvest Ministries pulled off. Event organisers ought to borrow a leaf.
A live social media update trended on the #TransformUg2015 hashtag.
Looking forward to a bigger Transformers Conference 2016.
(Photo credits, Enoch Kaweesi, Persis Babirye and Worship Harvest)

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