Love and Life at Worship Harvest KatiKati

It was such a long conversation that only one thing could end it; a service
at Worship Harvest KatiKati.
It all began with the question I asked Persis Babirye, that Friday evening, of what people look out for in church.
In her reply, she summed it up this way,
“In my church, it’s about love, care, worship, prayer and good people”.
I wanted to see these good people and how they do what they do.
At church, I had a coincidental arrival with a friend, Kayihura who is a member of the church who was delighted to see me come to “his” church. Past the gate to the Katikati was Esther. She hugged me. She too was surprised to see me at “her” church.And at the entrance to the hall, it was a transition from the 9 o’clock service which Justine had attended to the 11 O’clock.
Justine screamed out my name, running to me with a tighter embrace. Third hug in less than five minutes.
One thing struck me; everyone was talking to someone at least. And my dress code was not a disappointment. The day before, Saturday 5th September 2015, had been the Transformers Conference organised by the same church at the Naalya branch. There, my dress code mismatched that of the hosts.
The congregants at Worship Harvest drape those cool t-shirts and jeans just like their pastors.This, I think, is what Jeremy Byemanzi meant when he said, “Church begins on Monday and Sunday is Service.The worship was on point with the help of a live band. I missed the moment of prayer lost in the worship.
Beatrice Byemanzi was the day’s preacher. She shared the story of her life in the sermon drawing from Moses Mukisa’s book Called To Greatness.


Beatrice Byamanzi,
Pastor Worship Harvest, Katikati
Growing up an orphaned girl,  she never thought God would lift her to such high levels as being a pastor at this church.
“Apply wisdom to everything that you do, a soft togue can break the hardest bone,” Beatrice Byemanzi
I found myself drowned in her story as I reflected on mine. And many others did, not with the silence that was looming so loud in the congregation.
At the end of the service, we’re treated to a soft drink break which I was told is the culture of the church. It reminded me of that family that eats together and prays together that always stays together.
These guys bond. I lost count of how many hugs I received on that day.
Worship Harvest is their church. They always refer to it as “my”| “our” church.
KatiKati is one of the branches of the Worship Harvest Ministries headquartered at Naalya by Moses Mukisa. They have other branches in Gayaza, Entebbe and Jinja.
They are in the process of raising funds to build their own church; a cause to which they are committed.
I can disagree with Persis no more. There is a warmth of love and life in this church. I will have to definitely come again even when not invited.
(Photo credit, Martha)


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