Timeless Truths by Dr Dennis D. Sempebwa

Do you remember a book called Students’ Companion? It was a medium blue book that teachers of the English language always emphasized to better one’s understanding of the language.
One thing that drew my attention to the Students’ Companion were mainly the idioms and the proverbs. It had a wealthy collection of them.
Today, the wealth of language has been diluted with slang which has squeezed the juice out of it. Anyone who had a chance of being in the company of the granny folk must have had a chance to get the exposure to this form of language; one rich in proverbs and folklore.
Dr Dennis Sempebwa is one such a kind of person having grown up at a time where visiting the grandparents, for some urban families, was a routine for many a family in Kampala. He was immersed in the wealth of proverbs that his grandmother told him that he yearned for more. This led him to write Timeless Truths, 300 Enduring Proverbs for Our Generation.

Cover of Timeless Truth. Photo by @PHILKaJo

In Timeless Truths, Dennis explores various themes through a collection of 300 proverbs put together. The themes are in the area of Adversity, Purpose, Change, Diligence, Authenticity, Cheerleaders, Antagonists, Coaches and Faith.
The wealth of this collection is not only by the power of the words here written but also the endorsement of various personalities who have read it.
These proverbs cut across a myriad of topics and yet they are written in the simplest way possible. The author labours to give meaning of each proverb leaving no room for misinterpretation.
Dr Dennis Sempebwa collects the proverbs across the board from the Bible to native languages. However, in all, the author maintains a simplified semantic expression of these timeless truths.

Dr Dennis D. Sempebwa speaking at the launch of his book. Photo by @Snipet7

“To hear the music inside of you, you’ll first have to turn down everyone else’s,” reads one of the proverbs.
Like Isaac Rucci said at the launch of this book; “This is not one of those books one reads to finish.” Rather, it is one read to reflect. There is a lot hidden in the proverbs that reading them all at one go, one may miss out on the greater detail therein written.
Dennis’ interest is to elevate the position of proverbs from the remote fire place that they were abandoned to the modern school of thought that today’s society subscribes.
The book is on sale on amazon at $10.99. The proceeds from the book sales are to help students in school get copies of the same.
With one copy sold, ten copies are made available to students in schools.

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