Family Planning mu Ndongo

Speaking matters health; who leads the conversation in a relationship?
Many couples shy away from seeking information regarding health. When it comes to men, many assume that only women should be concerned. This is not right.

A staff member of PHAU

Couples should know about the status of their health and that of their children willingly and cooperatively. Until this is made known to them, chances are; whatever they learn from their circles of friends at a beer party or during salon talk is all taken as the gospel truth.
It is upon this background that  PHAU is organizing Family Planning mu Ndongo. This is a series of events that are being organized in various towns in Uganda teaching the local communities both men and women gathered together about the benefits of family planning and health as a whole to the family. The event is presented in a form of infotainment.
Entertainers carrying placards with Family Planning Info

Last week, I joined the team for the event that was held at Kasana grounds in Luwero.
In the company of branded bodaboda cyclists with banners talking about family planning, we took a road drive through the  various trading centers in Luwero Town Council as experts talked about family planning and health.
Branded Bodabodas staging at one of the trading centres

Later, free medical services and checkups were given to the community with counseling services. At the event, there were more women than men a challenge that leaves many loopholes in regards to improving family health.
An open session was later conducted where spouses were urged to maintain hygiene ranging from personal to family to community. PHAU along with her partners provided condoms that were distributed to the youth upon teaching them proper condom usage.
A facilitator shows the community on how to use a condom

With the free blood testing, many locals took to the lab to have their blood tested.
The event closed with performances from celebrated musicians led by Maro and David Lutalo.
Musician Maro sings the night away

Photo Credit: PHAU Social Media Team

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