The New Polish

The New Polish
THERE is a hunger that sits in every soul human; there is always a need to belong. We always want to be part of the most interesting, most recent, most paying and now most intelligent.
With the invasion of the social media platform and the technocracy of every citizen in the cooperate world, there is a new twist. We have the followers on twitter mainly because we follow a certain group of people and make certain posts. The same action goes on Google plus in our circles and the connections on Linked in. I won’t mention that we have many in return on Facebook, and we call them ‘our friends’. Do we ever take in to consideration who we take in as a friend?
Recently at the Social Media Day Celebrations at the HiveCo Lab, Kampala, a discussion on who you consider to be your friend and what they create or influence our life raged on for longer than the stipulated time. The challenge is once one is absorbed in say a conversation, one is mindless of who else is following and this is dangerous. It’s a challenge we are bound not to take for granted much as we have a chance to mint more money from the same.
It is a very challenging situation if we take it for granted. There is more we can do to not only redeem the situation but also make social media understood. To be understood, it will involve us knowing that there is a huge difference between internet and social media. It will include knowing what is relevant and what is not for our systems.
But most importantly, the world will (if not is) technologically advanced. Before all the lacing and the buckling, there is need to appreciate how far we have gone in terms of being tech savvy and we should not grow old in learning.a

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  1. At this age so modern with so many develpoments with so many gods _/religions\– founded our eyes dont see,ears dont hear ,we move without direction.if we continue,the end of us is so near.lets look!! so as to find our nature”true God*”again.

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