Let's tell better lies

A few years ago perhaps, 3 or 4, my legs walked me into this very office. She is the first person I met and she took me on in conversation as we awaited the gentleman, her boss whom I had come to meet. So we talked.


She gave me the history of the place, how she found it very un developed, how she contributed to its beauty and things like that. Looking at her and the way she does her work, doubting her makes you think your mind is very evil. I looked on. I listened and believed.

An hour later, of course the awaited had said he would be coming in the next twenty minutes, she came to the deeper stuff! Herself and the work. You know given that she had been around for some time, with the company development, she thought her salary needed be revised. However her superiors were too slow to see such a small thing. “So what next?” I inquired.

With the trend d of events, “Thank God we’ve met and had this talk today otherwise, had you come like two months from now, you wouldn’t find me.” So I tickled myself for the luck. Before long, Mr. Awaited walked in and we changed course.

This morning I am bound to be in the same office. My very kind legs still lead me there. I had no expectations since in this part of the world, business is business.

Knock- knock on the door and who welcomes me? The same lady who was leaving two months then, how sad! I look on and thank goodness, she doesn’t remember me.

Her entire narrative of events flows back into play as we steal glances at each other, this time round she is wearing specs and is busy tickling her keyboard. Is it because that time I came in late in the afternoon that she cannot talk to me or her pay was revised. No answer, I turn the trigger to myself.

Do we ever mind the words we tell strangers about ourselves, more so the un invited? May be maybe not but whatever the case, I still remember and hopefully, she stayed for the right reasons. Time to meet my host.


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