Maria Birungi Kakinda, Honing a Writing Career

There is a story that every writer tells. It is one which only comes out after much pushing. It is often told last in a soft tone without revealing a lot of details. To some who have writing buddies that is the only place where these stories are shared. For others like Maria Kakinda, the story stays with you. You scroll through the phone as … Continue reading Maria Birungi Kakinda, Honing a Writing Career


Often times poets write of things that affect the community they live in. They are observers who take note of the many things that the ordinary eye may misses out. They are society’s self-appointed mouth piece without whom some things might never come to light. Ronald Ssekajja takes a U-turn in this collection. He takes an outside-in point  of view into the jungle that is … Continue reading ECHOES OF TIRED MEN