The habit of reading can be related to that of drinking water. To some, water is life and somehow they manage to drink more than a litre a day. To some, water is as troublesome as swallowing tablets. It is not something they do with ease. They plan and even pray about it. To others, reading is a dreaded activity. It comes with memories of forced reading especially during prep time in boarding school.

I have come across people reading a book in the middle of traffic jam as it turns out to be so hard putting down the pile of pages. They read a book and get done with it in the shortest time possible.

In Minding Your Brand, Kamara shares his thoughts on how you can better your brand as an individual. In a world where we find ourselves in the work market on a daily, often times we forget to work through our personal branding. To some, it is easier to work on the brand of our companies/workstations but forget about our individual brand. This book is yours.

Every day as you wake up to pursue your errands, you only have to devote a few minutes to the day’s thought to guide you. He writes from every day circumstances which we are all familiar with. With a guiding verse from the bible, the thoughts are made complete.

The author must have been so considerate of readers who are sacred of volumes of chapters. They summarized a chapter in a day’s read, only a page or two and you are done. And yet you don’t have to read this book at once. You have a hundred days all to yourself.

This is Ariho Kamara’s second book. This, like his first, Live Your Brand, is on branding. As a person in the branding space, Kamara has a lot offer on the subject.

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Happy new year!

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