Kisamba Mugerwa: A FOCUSED JOURNEY

You may not know him especially if you are below 30 yet he only retired recently after holding a number of reputable positions in the country and at the international level.   

Wilberforce Kisamba Mugerwa is one of the few living professionals that have taken off the time to grow through the different stages of work both in the academia and civil service.

At a time when the country did not have very many professionals to fill up the various positions, Kisamba and a few colleagues played the role.  People who take up public positions tend to be only known for their public image and little or nothing at all is known about their private lives. Save for a few.

Here is a tale of a man that played in three unrelated fields, if I may say. To be a dedicated business man that worked to increase his income while working as a civil servant and later as a politician, would easily say is a rare man.

His love for his mother and wife is much undisputed and the weight of emotion upon his mother’s demise is heavily felt. Hate him or like him, Kisamba Mugerwa is one of the few people that lovingly write about their spouses and make you feel like getting married tomorrow. In the course of their lives, he has really supported his wife. Today they are both retired and it is clear that standing with each other means a lot. As a family man, Kisamba’s heart has always been not far from his family. His dedication to transform their livelihood to being a modal farmer is not something to be taken for granted.  

Focus comes with intention yet where there is focus also is diversion. It is harder to remain focused than is it to be diverted. A Focused Journey aligns the author’s life together to help the reader come to reality with a person like Kisamba Mugerwa.

It is only people that take off time to reflect on their lives that have such an opportunity to come up with such brave ideas.  He is one man to envy.

Many of the self styled leaders in positions similar to the ones that Mr. Mugerwa occupied may not be in position to give a clear and detailed account of their stay in office as this gentleman does. His hatred and intolerance for corruption and inefficiency is very clear.

There is nothing I find more defining like having to building up the people around him. In all the offices he occupied, the author took it upon himself to work with people in teams by knowing their personal life.

All these things he has achieved by being a very simple man focused on changing his story and that of those around him. His story is indeed a tale of courageous strides.



GENRE:           Autobiography

PUBLISHER:  TFK Luminary Publishers

PAGES:             225

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