Timothy Rubashembusya: COURAGE

Within us all is an inherent desire to do good and be great. It is this desire that sees us go out of our way to pursue courses, apply for jobs or start our own. The end goal written or not is to have some things done better.

We are all caught up in a web where we wake up to fulfilling societal demands, graduate from school get a job, start a family and live happily thereafter. Seldom do we stop to talk about individual goals and our ambitions and how they are to be achieved. The difference between what is scripted or expected of one and what one desires to do is what Timothy writes about in his book, Courage.

To make it even clearer, he uses a fitting subtitle of Learning to Live in Uncertainty. Parents are always eager to protect their children from the “world” out there because it is very uncertain, anything can happen.

Similar to this courage is what William Golding writes about in his forever beautiful novel Lord of the Flies. In the novel, a group of young boys find themselves marooned alone on an island after a plane crush. For the very first time in their lives they have to make decisions for their survival and rescue. In the end, there is division which results into death unfortunately and the survival of some. The driving factor of this among the boys is the courage to face the world or its lack thereof.

Timothy is such a courageous man to take on such a hard topic and discuss it in nine solid chapters in the most simplified way possible. He breaks down the concept making you the reader, first identify that you need courage and secondly that the courage is with in you.

We live in a very first paced world that just keeping tabs on what we are doing is very difficult. A lot of things are happening at the same time and as a result, we are caught up in a web. It is a web of doing what everyone else is doing, a web of survival and a web of putting up appearances. This is a dangerous place.

Timothy troubles himself with coming up with working solutions to help us overcome this situation. If there is something you desire to do, go ahead and write it down. When you do, follow it up and give it time. He continues to give extended explanations of how these work out in the long run.

This book is timely in a sense that there are so many young people out there wearing the vest of courage and trying to make sure it clearly fits. And in the process, some have given up and others are on the verge. There are scanty voices as Timothy’s screaming into these ears to keep on trying. Because the initial structural setting is mainly comprised of people that have given up before trying at all, they easily lure the rest they find along the way. Uncertainty is real. We wait for the signs to be right, we wait for the time when the waters will be calm so we can assail and yet Timothy here writes saying just go.

When I was reading this book, I found a lot of truth about myself and the work I do. I also figured a number of friends I know stand to benefit from the resource that is this book. I wish you could spare a moment and study this book, it will be of great help.


TITLE:            COURAGE

GENRE:           Insirational

ISBN:               9789970654550

PAGES:             88

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