Many times i have promised myself to be a better person that before. I have laid down strategies to be there but still fail. At one point, I had  promised to update my blog thrice a week only to realise that for a fortnight, not a word has  dropped by. I sag in regret! 

There are many things that we set for ourselves in the name of resolutions but half way the journey when all excitement is dead, we lose interest and give up. Recently, while interviewing a lady who has had a battle with  diabetes, she told me that for her to keep her glucose levels low, she needed to take water often. it had to be warm water because it comes with a number of benefits. She got fed up. But because she had either to keep diabetic or be better, she chose the water. She bought a number of water bottles  to keep her moving. In her car, office and handbag always there was a bottle of water. this is what kept her moving. Today, she has registered positive results.

At a point when we are mid year and all companies and institutions are in the budget fever, may be our aspirations should be awakened. We should get busier with ourselves and cause a change before this year slips through our hands in our sight. 

May be I need to get blogging the more, then blog for other companies and as well build not only their brand but also mine as well. We are destined to  be somewhere. I have offered myself to learn more and more. Have the best of luck in the second leg of this year.

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