Nothing beats reading a good story. Probably you have seen people driving while reading a book that is if you are not a victim yourself. Passengers in taxis have missed their stopovers because they are deeply engrossed in a book they are reading. The “problem” with a good story is that it catches you off guard. Unawares. You begin with a simple intention of reading … Continue reading Mike Chibita: LOVED BY THE BEST


                                                                    A reader’s review On the book cover is a dirt brown clay pot with a devastating crack that possibly renders it useless for holding water, but does nothing to take away from its beauty. The inscription on the 2nd page of the book lets us in on Asinde’s interpretation. It’s a play on crack-pot: a foolish or eccentric person. It is a quote from … Continue reading Regina Asinde on SHARDS OF BROKENNESS

Banange, Manchester Happened!

A first time visitor to Uganda once remarked, “I can’t wait to get to Uganda so I can also use the word banange. All my Ugandan friends use the word and each uses it differently.” The word banange is a Luganda exclamation that can randomly be used to express awe, excitement, amazement, wonder, and other emotions. It is this exact banange feeling that you get … Continue reading Banange, Manchester Happened!

Hope Babigumira on NO MAKEUP ON

It’s not an everyday encounter that one will bare before the public and let out the secrets that have for forever lounged somewhere in the crevices of their heart. While at university, our creative writing lecturer always argued that all form of writing has a membrane of fiction underneath it. To him, the writer chooses what they want their reader to read not necessarily what … Continue reading Hope Babigumira on NO MAKEUP ON

IBRAHIM BALUNYWA on AYEH, Leave it to God!

Have you read this book? Ayeh, is the poetic memoir written by Ibrahim Balunywa. He writes a series of poems that have shaped the direction of his decisions for the time he has been n school paying maximum attention to the time spent in university. Ibrahim tells a story of struggle especially in a foreign land. He went to school in India for both his … Continue reading IBRAHIM BALUNYWA on AYEH, Leave it to God!

Sarah Akelly: Always Extra for Love

It is not every day that you come across a cook book with ingredients and dishes you can easily pick at the corner stall in your neighbourhood. Have you ever looked through a cook book and you had to Google the image of the recipes? There used to be a Sunday evening culinary TV show that I followed. Often times, I skipped through the preparatory … Continue reading Sarah Akelly: Always Extra for Love