Nothing beats reading a good story. Probably you have seen people driving while reading a book that is if you are not a victim yourself. Passengers in taxis have missed their stopovers because they are deeply engrossed in a book they are reading.

The “problem” with a good story is that it catches you off guard. Unawares. You begin with a simple intention of reading the first page but then before long, words just seem to run on.

I was at a café when I pulled out Mike Chibita’s book, Loved By The Best. What I didn’t realise was that I was to be tied to my seat till sunset. That time was to pass by without my notice. That the recently risen sun was to go about its shining business without me being cognisant of all her efforts. At least I had a book to blame for that, or so I may say.

The beauty with Chibita’s book is that the story is familiar. It begins in a familiar setting. Familiar in a sense that any Ugandan child can identify with. It is a simple story of a young boy herding cattle and playing in the fields. It is a simple story of this young man beginning school and having to deal with the challenges of a typical primary school. The seed of dreaming of the bigger world is always planted in primary school. It is as simple as asking, “what do you want to be in future?” Once that question is asked the clock begins ticking.

For Chibita, this clock was already ticking when he sat his primary seven and got the average grade. The size of the dream came in play. Mark you, at this point in time, it was not his dream rather the parents’ and to be more specific, the father’s. As a loving father to a dear son whom he wishes very well, he had to repeat primary seven. The choice of words here is very key. He had to repeat the class. Never mind the young man had already tested secondary school, worn shoes in his feet and trousers for a full term. But there was he dream. And for it to be pursued. He had to repeat.

It was at this second calling that he was able to get admitted at Kings College Budo. Still it was his father still pushing for all this happen. Chibita’s first intentional input towards pursuing his HAPPENED AT Budo after his father had left him alone among the strangers. This one strange place was to become home for six years. It was to be the place of individual dreams. It was the place of making life long relationships which run on through the entire story. The place of pushing self to be the sportsman Mike is and a place to get a pinch of the leadership salt. It was the point of meeting Christ.  But majorly, it was the place where the dream to become a lawyer was clearly painted.

Then Makerere University happened. Mike was a free man or he thought. He had the power to choose so many things. In a world without a uniform, no bell and no headmaster to run away from, the place was freedom itself. What he did not know was that the freedom was squarely checked with attending classes.

With university came the question of choice. The choice of life to be lived. It was through the choice of going to Kampala Baptist Church that he met his better half, Monica.

Mike’s story is a beautiful one. He tells the story without hiding or leaving behind any details. Could this be the muzukufu root that was planted at Budo?

In the narration of this story, you will realise that the author has had a stellar career growth which has been contributed to by various factors as he clearly highlights. Most importantly though are the personal virtues that contributed to the growth. Key among these is knowing self and being disciplined.

Mike’s story stands out to remind the reader to be appreciative of time and believing in self. He also reminds us that around us are people who are always eager and willing to help us grow. When you look closely, you will find them.

Like the title, Loved By The Best, is a reflective book that helps you to stop and think about your life. When you do, you realise that for you get to where you are today, it was not entirely very much of your hard work. There are a myriad of other factors at play.  You are where the person you are because you have been loved by the best.


TITLE:             Loved By The Best

GENRE:           Memoir

ISBN:               9789970050123

PAGES:             188

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