Beginning 2018 with a blogging challenge

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Time to write that blog

The new year comes with a lot of excitement. A lot of resolutions and reflections are made. And to some, they take up new tasks.  My friends took up a challenge and they have proved out perform themselves. Any one who has taken up a blogging challenge knows how uphill of a task it can be keeping to it. Often times, it is easy to start but also very easy to call it quits.
Words have a way with which they tend to play in the mind before you decide to put them down. They are usually many and can make a complete story until you start writing, piecing the story together word by word, letter by letter.
This challenge, however, comes in a very simplified manner to help the writer easily cope with the writing. The one month challenge comes with guiding themes on how to go  about the exercise.
On day two, Judith shared under the day’s theme; I will never forget, she writes about how passion of talking to people but more so on the need to pass on knowledge. As she speaks to people, other people have also spoken into her life leading to a new dimension in her life. Here is her story.
the challenge has now crossed into half the month and the efforts to execute the challenges still carry on.
Day 16. Jayne left a sweet reminisce of Something that I miss  exploring through the wealth of great moments that were lived during her university days. She writes;

“Sometimes it takes an old song, a familiar face, to trigger sweet old memories – that feeling of nostalgia.  Memories of the care-free days, when our only worry was handing in that course work in time. Or having a date to take you out on the 14th of February.”

There are a lot of personal reflections that are yet to be done and realized through this writing challenge. Writing is a therapy that clears a clogged up mind. It is a lane that aligns and tames wandering thoughts that could easily turn lethal. Writing is a roof that shelters the unvoiced conversations of the heart. As the blogging goes on, challenge yourself to write like you have not written before just like how Ann did here  to overcome her fear.
“I want to live, to laugh, to learn every day and for me to do that – I have to overcome the fear of breaking out and just start being,” says Ann.
Here are the links to the various blogs;

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