Podcasts have been around since the 1980s. Then, they were known as audio blogs. As the internet penetrated more spaces, more podcasts were born. There are a number of platforms that host podcasts. They include apple podcast, sound cloud, anchor among others.

Here are some of the podcasts hosted by Ugandans on locally sourced topics on social commentary, health, business, wellbeing and sports.

The list here does not have all the podcasts produced in Uganda. It will be updated with time. The podcasts below follow no particular order.

  1.  Rebecca Nanjego hosts Connectivitea Podcast
  2. Prudence Nyamishana hosts Nyamishana’s Podcast
  3. Nabuguzi Kiwanuka hosts Hash Time with Nabuguzi Kiwanuka Podcast
  4. Rudende, Siima and Kenni Kareem host This is NOT RADIO
  5. Humura Ruth hosts ZeeHumura Show, Zee Formula E Podcast & Zee F1 Amatuer Podcast
  6. Patricia Opio hosts This is me story
  7. The Soccer Jaja PODCAST  
  8. Ssuna Ronald hosts Power Talks
  9. Gloria, Otala, Karungi and Linda host Dopamine Podcast
  10. Brenda Ntambirweki hosts Viewpoints
  11. Raymond Kahuma hosts Raydioactive Podcast
  12. Lawrence Namale hosts Life Signatures Podcast
  13. Jacky & Godiva host Wulira Uganda
  14. Lulu Jemimah hosts Real Talk 256 Podcast
  15. Patience Nitumwesiga hosts Mbaganire- An African Folktales Podcast
  16. Solaire and Cathy host Girls Like Me UG
  17. Writivism hosts The Writivism  Podcast
  18. Fiona Atukunda hosts Koffee & KonVersations Podcast
  19. Amanda Racheal Ainengonzi hosts Poetic Pause Podcast
  20. Edith Naigaga hosts Voices of Dembe Podcast
  21. Robert Bobz hosts Flag Uganda Podcast
  22. Dorcus Magoba hosts The Real Talk Podcast
  23. Ashaba Regan hosts Checks & Balances
  24. Levicato Ahumuza hosts Chart Forum Podcast
  25. Yunia, Yvonne, Carol hosts This is Adulting -Adulting Out Loud Podcast
  26. The Global Shapers Community (Kampala Hub) hosts Shaking Tables Podcast
  27. Mellisa Ssanyu hosts Inner Thoughts with M Podcast
  28. Kenneth Matovu hosts the Big Conversations by Ordinary People Podcast
  29. Sharon Rwakatungu and Timothy Niwamanya host the Cinema Red Pill Podcast

Is there a podcast you listen to that is not mentioned here? Share with me in the comment section. Thank you.

Image: pixabay.com


  1. 1. Dopamine Pod is one of the biggest in Uganda
    2. Tuha’s World, the definition of a traditional Podcast
    3. The Writivism Podcast
    4. Hash Time with Kiwanuka
    5. Inner Thoughts with M
    6. Koffee & Konversationz
    7. Poetic Pause is about all the poetry in Uganda
    8. Shaking Tables
    9. Rx Radio
    10. Voices of Dembe
    11. Flag Uganda Blog
    12. Lynette’s Travel stories
    The list is endless, I need to go check my subscribed list

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