Renewed Promise to my Blog.

There are things we don’t know.

I did not know it were like this, that’s why I abandoned you. I thought that with a blog, everything would freely flow like water—uninterrupted.

There is this thing that grips on you and feel like this is the real thing. Then in a very short span it lets you free and it’s gone. I don’t want to associate that grip to a sexual arousal but for matters of clarity, permit me.

When you’ve just began blogging, you always want to blog something, everything and anything as much as conscious permits. Then, like appetite for your best meal, with time, dwindles. So, what’s the problem?

Clearly, to me its self blame and lack of commitment to keep to the promise. When the reader is committed to find out what is been written and only to be disappointed. Good writers should be better cooks whose food attracts people to eat. That committed writer is the one I haven’t been. That committed writer is the one, now on, wish to be.

I settle for three blogs a week and that is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1000hrs. This is my renewed promise.

With time, we shall zero on the topic to discuss. Feel free to follow up. Friday, the review of the Boss, Pause; It’s Poetry show that took place on Monday 12th May 2014

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