In the bid to be the daring person I have chosen to be, I put forward my resolve. When I become the lecturer, I will be terrible. I will treat my damn students with such a hand. I will do the best harshness has ever got.

I don’t want to speak doom, no! all I want is to wake up one night and give those future seekers a traumatizing assignment. Its depth shall sentence them to an eye of public exclusion and endeavor to make its resource as hard as access can be. They will have their heads bulge and their ears thinking to the core.

I want something not so evil but just a little punishing that can contain the rage that sits in my heart. Students should study and pass but should pay the right currency of “to strive.”

I will make the inevitable very undesirable, and they will find a reason for holding a graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile, I will sit back to race with my children on our 4d plasma screen and they will tell me their school stories. After that, I will catch up with folks to empty whatever their shall be as we talk of the day’s headlines then. I will be a grateful person, there after

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