We All Have A Story To Tell

Behind all the well buckled trousers and the fitting shirts and all manners of tops sit the emotions carried and mirrored only to ourselves. When we open our eyes in the dark and see all the manifestations of our dreams juxtaposed with the realities of who we really are, we have only one option but live.
A few days ago while in conversation, we delved deeper and deeper into each other’s life only to learn of shocking details that we (or at least personally) have never come to think of. In all these places where we spend most of our precious time say work or school or even the social clubs, we never get to each other from the core context of truth.
In our youth hood lives, when life is all hyper and very active, we seem to enjoy living in the company of the crowd only to be lost in solitude when the rest of the world is gone.
Derrick, not real name, was telling me of the time he had to cry of his poor results because, to him, he was performing below standards. This was flanked by the fact that he did not have close family ties back home. In his world he was alone. He had a high sense of revulsion every time he thought of going back home.
The thing is, there is no one under any obligation to make you as happy as you would wish. If the love you wish is not forth coming, then offer it. If you’re depressed and there seems to be no solution, cause it. I find life too short to have frustrations. You cannot afford to be disappointed all the time. There is a ray of hope like the walls of a cobweb, too thin but too strong for it to happily live. You can never have the world’s happiness; all you need is that which begins with you.
No one can or will ever tell your story as brilliant as you would wish. And it is achievable, try it today.

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