To all my unblogged blogs

This too is hard.
I thought it would come off easier but not. And I hope this is not the last day of the #UgBlogWeek, because this will just be too much for me.
On a sobber note, I have the passion for blogging that is why I have all those many blogs (never mind that some I only stopped at opening them) but I love the business.
I love the fact that blogging pays some of my bills, the very reason I should be blogging even more.
And given that blogging needs me to organize a few words in the order of what I am talking about is the very reason I should be doing it more often but still I fail.
So tonight I toast to all those unfinished or unpublished blogs locked somewhere as drafts. I still think of you.

Just as this

To all the dear photos that I promised to use in the blog but I didn’t, take heart, may be another time will be another chance.
To the walls, groups and pages that expected me to share a link, don’t ask me for what you didn’t see at least you have this one.
I know I’m not alone in this but if you can, please leave our group. Become a productive blogger. Uganda needs more active Bloggers and you qualify. Don’t wait for blogging awards but let them find you a serial blogger if they ever come.
To all of you the relentless bloggers of this land, thank you for keeping the air of the blogosphere in motion.
I know I will write this blog when I write it down.
Till then, a toast to my unblogged blogs.

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