Roland Byagaba On MUWADO & Following The Dream

Get closer to Roland and you will realise this Doctor’s son is a shy man. Of course, it is only natural that you deny the very thing for which you are told you are. He does just that. Yet behind his shy self are the dedicated hands that are always working things out.  To many, he is the tech guy, to others, he is the fixer. If there should be one thing he has duly mastered is the idea of multitasking.

He has for the last twelve years ruffled different feathers in the area of IT with a keen interest or call it bias to content creation. Six years ago, he had done a dating site with a colleague that had not turned out well. He built a directory for local businesses and closed it. Then he created an agribusiness platform to work with farmers, closed it, and moved on. When he built MUWADO, he felt at home. He built no more. Closed no more. This was him working on a project his heart beats to. MUWADO (More-Words-O) is a vibrant collection of emotions, imagination, and experiences, all woven together to bridge the gaps between people.

MUWADO is a content development and sharing platform to which one can sign up and have their own content uploaded. He founded it to have a community platform where online users would hang out with their local content.

It has been six years doing just that. It has come with unofficial breaks where he has had to abandon and do other things only to return later. He is more convinced than ever before, that this is where his heart belongs. Last year, he joined the team that was doing The Great African Caravan where he learned to work while on the road. When that travel bug bit, it bit deep.

He is now on a mission to do more of the traveling. He is on a mission to go out and tell the world about this MUWADO thing in his heart. He wants to sell the idea to the world.

He has done the work of promoting the Ugandan blogosphere through the Uganda Blogging Community and he feels it is time to move on. He moves on as he has had to move on from the other literary establishments he’s been a part of. He moves on to write some more and bring to realization the dream of a travel book. He wants to do more of that knowing that his baby, MUWADO is alive and vibrant, ready to stand on its own. The journey has to begin somewhere and for Roland as one and MUWADO as a whole, it begins here.

On the 4th of October 2019, Muwado goes live at Design Hub. 5th Street Industrial Area. Join MUWADO today.

Photo by NZE EVE

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