Rethinking Consciousness

Painters paint. That is what they do. They make you appreciate things seen and imagined by giving them a face. Kwizera paints and he is in exhibition for the first time since he joined the field ten years ago. By name, you could say he needs no introduction. His works have been around. They have graced a number of platforms from newspapers, to murals, portraits, animations name it.

However, there has never been a public display of his works until now. When you walk through the workshop at the newly installed MOTIV warehouse in Bugolobi, you will be treated to a number of beautifully done pieces of art.   

The exhibition is themed consciousness. The artist takes you on a journey of reimagining and rethinking consciousness in a world where, he thinks, this is fading away. The theme is visualised through topical discussions of our everyday life from gender, feminism, creation, duality, life and death.

The entire exhibition brings you to a point of appreciation on the interconnectedness of nature and reality. A journey that took two years of preparation and thought and more years of experimenting with the different media. The pieces are presented in forms of metal, acrylics, charcoal oil pastel and spray paint.

If you are in a rush, you might miss out on the details that is this exhibition. Like many of such exhibitions, the artist sets you up to ask some questions on existence and creation, man and nature and the quest for clarity.

The exhibition is curated by Trevor Mukholi and it runs till 20th February 2021 at the MOTIV space. 

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