Random Beautiful Places of Uganda

I have been on the road recently running around Uganda. My eyes saw very unique features I would like to share about.

The Hut at Acholi Inn

The Hut at the Acholi Inn in Gulu

It is a big round hut with thick step thatch, an architectural design unique to the Acholi sub region of Northern Uganda. This hut was very instrumental for the peace negotiations during the LRA War that went on in the 90s and early 2000s.

The open conference hut sits under the umbrella foliage that is the old age of trees surrounded by a large green compound. This is without a doubt a place of peace. 

The Tower of Coffee Beans

The Mbale Clocktower with coffee beans on Top

Most of the major regional towns in Uganda have a symbol that figuratively speaks of the work or identity of the region. Most of the symbols used are animals. But for Mbale, it is  unique. Known for the famous Arabica Coffee, the Mbale Clock Tower which is also known as the Bean Tower is so inviting. In addition to this, as you make your way into Mbale, you cannot fail but smell the aroma that comes out of the Bugisu Cooperative Union roastery. 

It would be a crime for you to visit Mbale and never taste the coffee from that land. 

Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal of Jinja

If you are like me, clearly this name sparks off a certain image in mind. There was one Taj Mahal known to me until I came across this particular one in Bugembe, Jinja. This particular Taj Mahal is unique in very many ways. 

First, I find it to be a representation of dreams. We all love beautiful things in life – or at least most of us do. 

Secondly, in everything we do, we should draw inspiration from the fine works that others have done. This should drive us to be more and to do more. 

The original Taj Mahal has survived many centuries, I don’t know how long this will stand. 

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