Kirungi Farm House

Rivers, just like children, are shy. They wait for the moment when the adult eye leaves to reveal their real self. They go about screaming and running and doing all manner of mischief. They take the moment to be themselves. They play, they fall, fight and laugh with each other. They do the things that children do.

Rivers flow through the swamps and foliage in which they curve their direction slowly so that they are not seen or heard that they are so fast. They do not want to be feared until they reach a place where they cannot be seen. They then unleash their pressure thumping, pouring, sharpening edges of stone while smoothening others, polishing black the bedrock as they run away to faraway places where they do not feel threatened. As they cross back to the watchful eye of nature, they sober up, cutting on their speed and acting like everything is okay. That is how it has always been. It is a makeup.

In Rwankoma, there is a river this shy! It flows through a tiny valley beneath a green lush of beautiful leafy shrubs that form atop the corn shaped domes that are the hills of this neighbourhood. The hills are so vast that from afar they look like baby mountains inviting you for a hike. They are gentle and tender that climbing does not necessarily need extra support. Each dome you conquer gives you a richer view that beckons you to pursue it.

Hills tend to be daring in nature. They dare you to dare them. Even when you get to the top, the joy is short lived as there is another hill revealed that dares you too. While at Mineera, this dare game is only checked by a rambling sound that rises and falls. It sounds louder as you get closer. With every other conquered hill, hidden treasures get revealed to you. At the summit of one of the third hill, a gentle flowing river reveals itself to you.

It lies so low in the valley that getting there is the easiest act ever. While at the feet of these hills, you cannot fail but appreciate the evenly layered out placid slopes dotted with the black and white spots of cattle leisurely and gracefully grazing.

This river does not allow you to see all its majesty at a glance. It runs away hiding in the shrubs and rocks leaving you only with a soundtrack of its thunderous claps. To see the rest of the river, you have to climb again atop another rocky hill beneath which the river seems to find a route.

This river disappears into a low swamp that swallows up all its pride. It strolls away to the bottom of a new found home that scarcely knows of its aptitude. It flows beside the little known Rwankoma hot springs. The hot springs bring people from a far and wide. With the minerals in the waters, many faithful find the hot water to have healing components.

To get to this point, you will need about four uninterrupted hours. By the time you are done, you are exhausted and one needs rest. Enter Kirungi Farm House perched atop one of the sprawling hills stacked away in the sky piercing trees. The farm house is a home away from home that comes with a touch of freshness that sweeps through from the river and the green foliage surrounding it. The hosts Rtd Bishop Patrick and Eva Tugume leave you with no option but make you sit back and enjoy every breath.

It is a farm house which means it is self-sustaining. Everything is grown and generated on the farm. While at the farm, you have a chance to go to the garden and harvest the food that you would like to have for a meal or join in the milking of cows.

The farm house is the icing to the cake of this secret gem called Rwankoma Hill found in Kebisoni, Rukungiri. It comes second after sliced bread and the natural beauty that is this hill.

The farm house is ideal for someone looking for some privacy. A quiet place for personal rest or reflection, somewhere very far away from the noise that is the city hustle. The farm house can accommodate up to ten people at once. A family looking for an inclusive getaway finds home at this fort.

While at this location, one can make trips to the Bwindi Forest, Ishasha, Lake Bunyonyi, Kisiizi Falls and Lake Mburo National Park. All destinations are within two hours of driving which makes the stay more enjoyable. In case you are looking for a home away from home where you can commune with nature, Kirungi Farm House is your place to be. Lilian Kamusiime of Kigezi Biota Tours is ready to take you there.

I’ll be down by the river. Waiting for the good Lord to pass my way. Singing songs of joy on this lovely day. Three  singing birds told me. By sunrise he’s always there in the morning praying and blessing the day.” Morgan Heritage

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