If you could think of this

Don’t be alone in that secluded place. Your mind will be stolen and your treasury hacked into. You cannot trust all that passes, all the sights that the eye catches. May be these you may but you cannot trace all the thoughts your mind’s birthed. You are special because you can think independently; you’re not special because you belong to a club. No, you will still be that special even when you are standing amongst the multitudes. Stand out and prove the reason for your existence.
But you cannot stand out when you are alone. Look for where others are, meet, interact and learn be patient and be open. Be true. Don’t lie like I have because you want to please, it will hurt you the more. Think. Act. Live. There is more than meets the eye. At least if it misses the eye, the ear will catch wind of it.
Don’t you be left out, instead go out. There is always more fish in the waters than at the shores. Dive in and hook it up. Who knows you will get the kind of fish everyone else has wanted to get but couldn’t find. Who knows whether your fishing skill shall be an eye opener to the unknown and new skill every one as ever wanted? Go out, stand out and open up.
Tell me, do you know what all people are doing? Of course not! But you need to know that which you are doing. The funny bit about the truth is that even your friends will only think of you because you shared an idea along their line of thought. People will not think of you because you exist, many do. People will think of you because of the tagline that you are known for. They will look for you because of that extra something that you did for your friend. They will remember you because you are the one good enough for the job.
Stop! Don’t you read this like another handout from one of your known motivational speakers and inspirational whoever they call themselves. Read this with a deep reflection of yourself; you living through the crevices of time. You, deeply scrutinising the length and breadth of that foot step that you’re taking or about to take.
Thinking of the past footsteps in itself is a thing of the past. Shut up and raise your damn head up right. Face the face of the future ahead of you, be violent shoot into the skies, who knows your opportunity shall be hunted down
Hate not who are privileged and in a better position, look at them as a means for you to learn. Don’t hate but learn. Learn the ways of the land; the politics of the game. Remember the players shall always change, but the rules remain the same. The question is “what is the game?” Before anything else, you should know the game you’re about to play.

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