Hey, yo' there?

How have you been? Been a while without checking on each other.
And it does not seem like it’s been a smooth sail. There seems to have been a lot of tumbling there and here. But through it all, we emerge stronger. We sink but don’t drown. We fall and rise again. It darkens before it can brighten.
What matters most is keeping hope alive. Knowing and believing that tomorrow will be better. Trusting the process. That’s what it takes. That’s all that is involved.
I know, maybe like me, at times you go through stuff and you don’t have someone to talk to. When everything looks like a threat. When your actions are not matching up to those of the people around you. When you are tailing in everything that you do. When nothing seems to yield fruit. There within that moment, you hold your breath and breathe.  They say good days lay ahead of us. Our work is to believe. Our work is to hold it together, to ask God for better health but most importantly to heal from within, looking at ourselves and finding comfort that in us, the answer is. Hope is. Life is. For whatever that saddens your heart, remember, you are not alone but most importantly, soon, the clouds will be clear. Stay Strong. We are Alive in Grace.

One thought on “Hey, yo' there?

  1. Alive in grace reminds me.of the fact that no matter how dark it gets, the sun will rise again..

    Very inspiring. Lol

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