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We all wish to live a good life only that seldom we know how! So many things are in our heads that we do not have a break-off session to think through the things we want. In the end, we move about carrying baggage in our heads. It becomes so heavy leading to a lot of things. We become stressed, disillusioned and worn out of things yet we could just do better if we didn’t stress over things we couldn’t change. We get tired thinking and worrying of people who are not worried or even bothered about us. We become so drained by work that will soon move on without us. We complain while sitting in traffic yet there is nothing much that is going to come out of the complaints. We struggle to lose weight, complain of being too heavy yet to work out we won’t. These things wear us out and yet we can choose to do away with them. The will is in us only that we do not know.
Our minds are clouded with a thousand thoughts crisscrossing each other. This is where the problem begins. We miss out on the significant details as we chase what should have been the minor things of life. That power is within us yet we seldom make use of it. You just need to take off time your busy schedule and indulge yourself in this book. You too can Have a Good Life. 

The author of this book shoulders the burden to expose you to such things and he is kind enough to give working solutions of how you can come out of this self-imposed imprisonment. In only seven days, you could begin walking a journey that will lead  to a better and happier you.

All it takes is your involvement.

Some things take time and others are sudden, they have immediate effect. Change in character comes with a cost, one that includes time. The time to work on yourself and the people around you. These are not things you wake up to changed, they are intentional footsteps that you have to remind yourself of on a daily basis. It is at such a moment that one practices detachment; having to let go of things that make your mind captive. You have to be intentional in making sure you acquire good habits. These you have to practice on a daily.

The 43 pages of this book make it a simplified read. The reader has to dedicate seven days to the text winding each day with a self-help reflection exercise.

As an athlete on the track of life, you have got to weigh your options and make them count. You have one life to live, make it count. You may not be in position to reverse your thoughts or options but at least you can choose what is good for your life. Purpose to look at your life as the best gift you have and one which you cannot afford to lose. Direct your mind to see through your thoughts and be guided by doing right. Doing right entails a number of things.
In this busy life, do not do life alone, talk to someone, share with someone. That’s why people like Al Montana exist; to help you re-direct your life to the path you desired and most importantly deserve.

Have a Good Life is written by Al Montana, a life coach and businessman based in Entebbe, Uganda.

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