Forget about the rolex, think of Enid Mirembe

Patience does not mean sitting back waiting and complaining. It is the continuous pursuit towards the discovery of self and the endless search for answers.
We live at a time when words are so near our tongues. We easily speak without necessarily coming to conclusions of what we are supposed to say or even do.
Our fingers are so fast that they can type anything; a post or comment without analyzing the facts or any other details that can be involved.
This does not make us any better. It only kills us.
A case in point is that of Enid Mirembe. Enid is the force (fa behind the Rolex Festival that has left many people talking( read complaining, criticizing, defacing).
enidEnid Mirembe with the Minister for Tourism 
After university in 2015, Enid competed for Miss Tourism Busoga Region, a slot she was able to win. As the tourism ambassador from the region, she came up with the idea of promoting the rolex which is believed to have its roots from Busoga.
Her pitch was successful. The Ministry of Tourism came on board and so did the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) not to mention the various sponsors. All these have combined their efforts and as a result, we are all talking about the Rollex in one way or another.
When we unite to de-campaign a project like this, the victims are not  the Ministry of Tourism or UTB or any other of the sponsors, the victims are the Enids of this world operating in the rare. The ones whom we never get to see, they that work behind the curtains.
The spirit of entrepreneurship lays in the hands of those who are willing and daring to take up challenges but see what our reaction is! Support people not because you know them or that you are going to directly benefit from them but because there is a cause worth fighting for. I will not delve into the details of how the rolex benefits us, that should be your homework.
My concern is for us to boost the entrepreneurship spirit especially among the youth. Rolex is such an enterprise.
Where did Obama chapatti go? What have we done with the old man known for his pancakes? We have Oluwombo, eshabwe, amalewa and the etc of that kind, what are we doing about them?
It takes a bold soul to step out and do something new. Our role should be to build and not to destroy, to learn other than object. Only then shall be able to tap the wealth of food tourism (alone) that this country is capable of.
What are you doing with yourself?
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