Don't Give Up on Uganda

Festo Kivengere. He was the Bishop of Kigezi Diocese in the 1970s. He was famously called the Bill Graham of Africa. He was an Author. And I have had the privilege to dialogue with him in his books.
I love this man. I should have lived in his time. I have been motivated by his works. Maybe I will name my son after him.
And see how relevant, live and alive his words in his book Hope For Uganda are in  present day Uganda:

There is no giving up on the cross
Don’t give up on Uganda
I love these Ugandans
I do not expect then to be  angels, I know they are humans.
I believe in Uganda.
Even if my people tell lies, all that i know is them
I rub shoulders with them, I love them and that is why i would like to keep running around with the message of my king from Moyo to Kabale, telling them this story.


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