Didas Nkurunziza: STAGE 4

It is everyone’s dream to live in perfect health. This is most often linked to being in a better financial position to afford you a deserving lifestyle. With a financial cushion, it is assumed that anything and everything can be met with some bucks.

There are certainties one prepares for and some that one has no idea that they will ever befall them. For Didas Nkurunziza, to think that one day he would be down for a year fighting cancer is a sentence that had never registered in his mind. No one ever does until that fateful moment when they read you your results.

We are identified by a number of our behaviours. Work is one of them. To each one of us, there is a routine by which one gets their work done. One gets used to it that it becomes second nature to. For people like Didas who run a private practice as a legal practitioner, some bulbs never go off. It is work and some bit of more work. But thanks to the checks of life.

That fateful day in the doctor’s office, he in the presence of his dear wife received the news that he had colon cancer. And it was at stage 4. Bad news is already bad enough but when it comes with qualifiers, it becomes worse.

Didas finds himself in a tight spot which requires him to drop whatever he is doing to go for treatment. It is during this time that a number of things open up for him. He gets the opportunity to see life in a different way. He gets to appreciate the people in his life, life itself and God.

The disease which came to claim his life instead transformed him. Didas is now a changed man. He decided to put his story in a book as a means of raising money to help cancer patients less privileged than him.

The story will humble you. It will teach you something about gratitude and what it means to know that God is always on your side.

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