Celebrating #Nyaka15

Let me tell you of a story that challenged me of recent. You know how often times you acquaint yourself with information in far away places and yet you know not much of what is happening in next door. That is exactly the story of Twesigye Jackson Kaguri.

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri

A child of Nyakagyezi, Jackson felt challenged that his people were being consumed by HIV/AIDS. More parents were burying their children and the number of orphans  was growing by day only left in the hands of mainly vulnerable grandmothers. What was the future of these children? This question gave Jackson a hard time. He decided he would do something.  Fifteen years ago, he began walking the journey of what was to be known as Nyaka. A short form of Nyakagyezi. Permanent homes were to be built, schools were to be constructed and a health facility was to be raised as well. There was no folding back of hands to wait upon the mercies of government or someone somewhere else to come and enforce this.
The work thus far is a spectacle worth a celebration. And today, we are celebrating  #CornerstoneTheMovie  produced and directed by Debi Lang. It is a continuation of what began. But now, it is a story getting better told with more people coming in to offer what they can.  Watch the trailer here.
On 1st December 2016, this movie is going to be premiered in Kampala a week before it will at  the United Nations Headquaters in New York.
You have got to be a part of this. This is our story. We are all part of #Nyaka15. Visit #CornerstoneTheMovie for more details about this movie.

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