Bob G.Kisiki: Deserted

By Racheal Kizza

In Bob G. Kisiki’s Deserted, Adisa, the oldest of three children is forced to grow up fast after the sudden and brutal murder of her parents when she was only sixteen.

She becomes a mother to her younger siblings, Alyna and Kibo Kalisa. She teaches them how to run a home; cook, clean, plan, and budget. One wonders if she did this on purpose.

She ups and leaves for good, leaving the children and her four year old son, Simmi on their own. The children are thrown into frenzy as they fight to keep their secret from the whole world. This secret puts a strain on their lives and relationships with friends threatening to unravel everything.

They have to deal with a four year old who wants his mummy, strange phone calls from people looking for Adisa, receipts of house bills they haven`t paid  for but keep showing up in the house. But more so, they too need their sister, they are, after all, only children.

The story explores the plight of these two teenagers and what life looks like as they are faced with parental roles, adolescence, passions, and the betrayal of their sister. Bob G. Kisiki weaves a tale of hope amidst trials and pain.

They are forced to question the true identity of their sister  whose true identity begins to unravel  bit by bit, when  they find out about  TTK (Time Keepers), her constant travels and Teacher Nambi`s revelation.

I enjoyed the story and loved the home feel, it brought to the table. I related to the names, places, and roads. I could actually see myself in these places.

This is a family book, filled with lessons that parents can pass on to their kids. The kids too can pick these lessons on their own since they would relate to the story.

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