Beware of Self Medication

He asked me to open my mouth for the operation. This was the last surprise slap I expected when I booked an appointment with the dentist on a Sunday morning.
I am one of those people who rarely fall sick. I thank God for that. But there are situations that are hard to explain to self and others, they that qualify you to be sick.
Such are the cases where you only intend to stop by the doctor’s for a check up on this or that once in a long time.
About three weeks ago, I got signs of cough. Like I usually do, I turned to dawa, a tea concoction of lemon, ginger and honey. It usually works our for me. If there is anything I honestly prefer not doing in my life is going to hospital. There is a way hospital makes me feel sick.
After a week of dedication to my dawa, there was no change whatsoever and yet the condition seemed to be going out of hand. My brother, on the other hand, advised me to try out on a herbal called Kazire. I had heard and seen the Kazire products but they had never appealed to me. But for the sake of liberating self of the cough, I did. In fact, it was a reliever for some time.
Ahead of me was a work trip upcountry. On may way, I bit into an apple that left one of my incisors so sensitive. I paid not much attention.
My incisors have since turned a little more sensitive (and weak at the same time) since an accident I got last year.
However, the tooth pain would only continue soaring through all the nerves that cared to carry it through the whole body all day long. On the second day of the work trip, my upper lip (the mustache area was slowly beginning to swell. I could feel it. And so was the lower region of the nose.
Later, it would cross my mind that similar symptoms had shown up in March this year when I had the first operation following last year’s accident.
The dentist had talked of a reaction caused by a tooth fracture. But you know how doctors speak in their lingual like you were classmates at the medical school. What mattered at the moment was to have the pain done away with.
Then it had gone well and I thought that would be the end of it all.
How wrong I was!
On the evening of the second day, I went to a community hospital where I sought medication. The poor nurse only gave me treatment for cough, after all it’s all I had asked of her. The following morning, it was too much. The pain and swelling magnified like they had been newly contracted.
I called the dentist who asked me to get certain medication which was out of reach at the moment. I had to stand the pain. A day later, we travelled back to Kampala and went to the dentist’s the following morning. To his surprise, there was a reaction following the first operation in March.
The aimless cough was the body’s reaction towards the foreign bodies that appear to have been forgotten in the gum during the first operation. He did his work well and I am grateful.
The body fights a lot of battles for the sake of our good health, at times, it loses. Most occasions, it wins. I was warned by the dentist of how gross the condition was likely to get, turning into a cyst and the et cetera of that kind. I don’t want to imagine that.
I am glad that I went for treatment when there was some more time for redemption.
He performed the operation and now I feel better. I can afford to bite the apple again.
If there is something that you should consider, you may have to make that visit to the doctor for a check up.

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