we were accused of not being good lovers

they warned their children of us,

“Beware of them. they are robots in lovers’ ware

so we fled for our dear souls.

we knew there was a life somewhere


We mingled with the strong hearted

who would stand the embarrassment of our asssociation.

we worked so we could live

live- so could achieve

humbled by fate and

Strengthened by citcumstance

We hardened on imitating those of reputation

walking on the tarmac of resilience

Bowing to strife

Today, we arise in strength.


They address us as their sons

they never tire of presenting us with budgets and proposals.

Inviting us on lunch onsto meet their daughters.

As they whisper unto us lies

“We knew you make it someday”

“We prayed for you”

Thank God their prayers never reached

At least, we’ve walked this journey ourselves.

We were able to wipe our sweat.

And that is our God at work.



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