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Boardroom Gossip

“Shall we have the Finance give us his report?” called out Richard who was chairing the meeting. This was his first time sitting in this chair. He was known to be shy especially before women. This is why ‘Mzee Boss’ had chosen him.

As usual, Freda has always left us less troubled. Her presentations are the shortest; always about figures. “This week we’re able to clear off all the Customs at URA. We collected 15million from the outstanding debtors and balances…” she went on as usual. At least in one way or the other she ended up in that line. I don’t know why she even wastes time addressing all of us when only two people pay attention. She badly crammed the details of her job description that she will even ask you for the bodaboda receipt as if… At least, she has never delayed our salaries much as getting an advance is quite one hell of a thing. Next was the lousy Jerome who talks like words are expiring in the next minute.

“Ahh Gu-good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,” he stammered as he pulled up his trousers that never seem to be fitting. “Of recent, I’ve been working on a project plan that is going to take us through the next two quarters. It’s a small document…” the moment he said this, it hit me hard that we were headed for a lengthy lecture. The only time he spoke for a short time, it was half an hour. Unfortunately, all my groupies were sitting across but there was no way I could stand being dragged into this lifelong lecture without Liz and Moses on my side.

I bowed my head and reached out for the galaxy tab. I swapped away and connected with my tweeps. “Here comes the Lecturer.” Then I turned my eyes to the screen to pay attention. In a minute, a tickle in my palm drew my attention.

“@belindalove ickle in my palm drew my attention.

wayn e without Liz and Moses on my side.east,m. have you seen his trousers, its seems it’s a new pair,” replied Liz.  The poor man was laboring to explain and misinterpreted my attention on the trousers for interest in the presentation. I forged a head nod to make him happy. I couldn’t do it for long, as I needed to follow up on the conversation.

“@belindalove ickle in my palm drew my attention.

wayn e without Liz and Moses on my side.east,m.@lizlife thank God yo not next to him, you‘d be awash with saliva. Hihi”

“@belindalove ickle in my palm drew my attention.

wayn e without Liz and Moses on my side.east,m.@mozeso-ish his waterfalls can irrigate the whole Sahara within one week.”

“@mozeso-ish @lizlife just imagine a tropical forest courtesy of one man? Haha”

“@belindalove ickle in my palm drew my attention.

wayn e without Liz and Moses on my side.east,m.@lizlife can you stop laughing Mzee Boss is seeing you.’’ All of a sudden, the smile on my face faded away only at the mention of the name. Feeling guilty, I slowly raised my face towards the screen cautiously avoiding contact with the old man. My mind went back to the first time I met Mzeee Boss. It was in his office; his index finger mining gold from the grey haired nose-mine and him offering me the same hand to greet me. Half dead with this sight, I offered mine with a borrowed smile and him saying, “You’re welcome young girl.” The meeting went on without much of my response apart from the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and may be a nod here and there.

My attention slowly turned back to the meeting with my eyes running straight to him, only to realize he was rolling a small ball from his goldmine again.   It was around this time that I realized I had been absent from the meeting for over forty minutes, twittering. I had not taken the minutes as was supposed to.

We had to write our observations which I had not, so I sought help from my tweeps.

“@mozeso-ish @lizlife someone help me with the observations from Jerome’s presentation.”

“@belindalove ickle in my palm drew my attention.

wayn e without Liz and Moses on my side.east,m.@lizlife let me tsup it to you,” replied Moses. I kept rubbing my fingers that were profusely sweating on my skirt. The legs were trembling and I didn’t know how to begin. Unlike other days when he completes ten times before he completes, Jerome was rushing to finish this time round. Hell broke loose when the loud buzz from Moses came in, “tuutu tuutu,” and Mzee Boss turned his face old face on me. Richard’s evil voice exploded in my ears, “can we get your reaction Belinda.” I looked around and all eyes were on me.

Every Tuesday evening I think of what I will present in that evil meeting that has to begin at 9:00am. I hate the meeting with such a passion that even my day of resignation shall be a Wednesday. The preparations that come with it are so demanding; wearing my heels wouldn’t be a problem but the suites and presentations are an unbearable. But now that the moment has come, I will arise to the cause.

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