A walk through a cancerous ward

When you hear it said in words, you conclude they are words. A visit to the cancer Institute will spring a grain of life out reason that theory thus. When I walked into it, my attention was driven to this ailing old lady, who in unspoken pain turned and moaned on the floor. She stretched out her hand to the nearest point of help. She gripped and groped on whatever there was to hold, may be the pain would go, I thought she thought. She did not have as much space as half a foot away; another lady sought a way out.  Only in the walk way lay six women. Their attendants, sat on the cold cement benches of the hospital as they helplessly looked on their patients.

Atop the patients’ heads, passersby trailed and snailed like in a village footpath leading to the well to access the overflowing ward. The corridors were suffocating with congestion both patients and their aids. Broken beds creaking and rattling scaring off any one non skilled. There is a lot, more than meets the eye. The lavatories are flooded with water and blocked sinks sit dripping at the expense of the patients’ health.

There are many questions that stream through one’s mind as they think of how painful and expensive all this process is. One thing remains though; God’s grace has spared me and you for a reason. May be that’s a reason to reflect upon.

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