Pieces of me by Catherine BAGYENDA

The new shorter Oxford English dictionary dfines a piece as “a small part of a material thing, any of the distinct portions or objects of which a material thing is composed”.

There are pieces of everything and each and every one of us has their own. They build up the components of who we are. Sometimes our pieces are scattered and they do not make an all-round picturesque resemblance of who we are.

Unfortunately, at times we do not get the opportunity to know that a few of our pieces are missing. This takes us to places in search of our lost pieces. To some, the lost pieces can be found in trying out a new skill or moving to a new neighbourhood or finding new friends while to others the journey is outside in. The search goes on within oneself marking the beginning and, often, the acquisition of new habits such as alcoholism or drugs. Whatever the case, the search for the pieces goes on.

We all long for a complete self. Pieces of me is a story of the small parts of Catherine that she found missing. She needed to find them and assemble herself to being the complete image that her creator made of her yet she was struggling. Knowing that some of her pieces were missing, she went on a search that resulted into the loss of her former self.  Often times, she felt undeserving of the love that her husband had for her and the beauty of life that God bestowed upon her life. Identifying the struggles was not reason enough for her to stop with being alcoholic, instead it pushed her to self-confinement to think that the delayed conception of children in her marriage with Paul was a punishment from God of her wrong doing.

This book brings to light a number of individual struggles through which many become victims of the blame game that they have directly created or worse, merely perceived. Those little things silently eat off pieces of the full fabric that we are all created to be.

The beauty with this book comes with the knowledge that God’s amazing grace surpasses the wrongs of our deeds and thoughts. The eight years of a childless marriage easily fade away when Catherine gives birth to her first set of twins and in no record time followed by another.

These bundles of joy knit together the small parts of her life that had gone missing for years the kind that ate away into her joy, gratitude and self-confidence. Here in this book is a wrong story gone right as told by Catherine.


AUTHOR:       Catherine Bagyenda

TITLE:             Pieces of me

GENRE:           Inspirational

ISBN:               978-9970-654-04-8

PAGES:             114



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